The Arts Chorale of Greater Lansing typically presents two concerts each year in December and April. The Chorale rehearses each week from 7:15 - 9:15 p.m. in the East Lansing High School choir room with a morning rehearsal on the Saturday before a concert. If you are interested in joining the Arts Chorale or want additional information, please contact Carole Marvin, Manager, at The Chorale has openings for experienced singers, especially tenors and basses. For notices of upcoming concerts, contact Lois Brennan at

Arts Chorale Of Greater Lansing
2016-2017 Membership





Berg, Allison Ballard, Kathy      Findley, Steve Bieber, Monty
Bossenbroek, Rebecca Bieber, Nancy Hudak, Nicholas Fuller, Jerry
Darley, Ali Boyd, Barb Krehbiel, Jan Gamber, Phil
Faiver, Rosemary Brennan, Lois Madigan, Michael Guthrie, Michael
Fangboner, Abi Finch, Nikki Mahoney, Will Haven, Neil
Hacker, Marsha Fuller, Barbara Putnam, Ralph Kocher, Jim
Kocher, Jean Gilbert, Kim Ruddock, Bill Lakos, Bill
Marvin, Carole Grady, Kirsten   Lipsey, Mike
Parks, Linda Grafius, Ellen   Mann, David
Potterpin, Sabrina Harkema, Laurie   McMinn, Trevor
Pratt, Rebecca       Horsager, Megan   O'Doherty, John
Rittenhouse, Amy Ilardo, Joan   Patterson, Ronan
Singletary, Diane Jirak, Jana   Quinlan, Alex
Thurrott, Meghan Johnson, Cheri Schlarf, Sawyer
Tigchelaar, Magda LaLonde, Mimi  
Verble, Bethany Lessard, Alicia  
Wiggert, Kristie Miller, Meredith  
  Nault, Karen  
  Potter, Sally
  Robison, Mary
  Schmitt, Bethany