Sing in the Holidays with Choral Arts

Nov 18, 2022

Baltimore Choral Arts returns to the stage this Holiday season sharing the gift of song and entertainment! All are welcome to join as Music Director Anthony Blake Clark guides our musicians and the audience in two lively choral programs, bringing the spirit of the season to life. Join us for our annual Christmas with Choral Arts and Christmas for Kids.

Christmas With Choral Arts

In our 57th season, Baltimore Choral Arts continues a 29-year tradition with holiday music, dramatic readings, and cherished sing-alongs spreading Christmas cheer! This year, Choral Arts is especially thrilled to announce WBJC's Judith Krummeck as the narrator for this joyous event!   

Judith Krummeck is the evening drive time host for WBJC-FM, Maryland’s classical music station. Baltimore Magazine has twice named her Baltimore’s Best, and she was the recipient of the Praise Singer Award for arts programming from the Foundation for the Creative Arts in her native South Africa. In Johannesburg, Judith was the arts editor for SAfm at the South African Broadcasting Corporation, where she also hosted live television broadcasts of national symphony concerts, the UNISA International music competitions, and the nation-wide tour of the London Philharmonic.
Now, in Choral Arts' 57th season, Krummeck will help to bring this seasonal event to life! As the narrator, she will engage the audience alongside a Baltimore Choral Arts Symphonic Choir and Orchestra, Morgan State Choir, Baltimore City College Choir, and Overlea High School Choir in the beautiful and historic Baltimore Basilica of the Assumption.
Christmas For Kids
Choral Arts is excited to share holiday themed music that will engage young audiences! Choral Arts continues a 30+ year tradition of spreading holiday cheer to children of all ages. From Christmas carols to cherished sing-alongs, all are welcome to join us in celebrating this momentous choral event! The program is perfect for children 0 - 13 years of age.
This season, Choral Arts will be collaborating with with Synetic Theater, an arts organization that brings fantasy, comedy, romance and drama to life! In their choreographed production, Synetic Theater will introduce The Snow Maiden, an enchanting tale of a man who creates a woman from snow. This mystical story of love, hope, and the power of dreams is told through movement and music.